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Which airless sprayer can spray waterproofing polyurethane paint?

      Generally, the waterproofing polyurethane paint will be applied for the basement,grain depot ,exterior wall and roof etc.

      最常见的应用程序将液体Roofing, which is the process of waterproofing a roof by the application of a specialist liquid roof coating.

      It is suited to all types of roof including flat, pitched and domed. and Liquid roofing involves the application of a monolithic, fully bonded, liquid based coating to a roof.

      The coating cures to form a rubber-like elastomericwaterproof membrane, capable of stretching and returning to its original shape without damage.

      The typical and traditional liquid roofing installation will be processed by the roller as below;

      Roller for waterproof roof coating

      Roller for waterproof roof coating

      A typical liquid roofing installation

      A typical liquid roofing installation

      The roller is ok for the waterproofing but there is no efficiency, now you can use thewaterproof airless sprayer machineto finish that, you can see the difference from the pics as below;

      the decorating in the 21st century

      waterproof spraying by using airless sprayer

      Waterproof spraying by using airless sprayer machine

      airless sprayer machine for waterproof coating spraying

      Airless sprayer machine for waterproof coating spraying

      Airless sprayer for waterproof roof spraying machine

      Airless sprayer for waterproof roof spraying machine

      Why Airless Spray?

      Airless spray painting provides an easy and economical way to apply coatings.

      Professional contractors prefer to use airless sprayers for several reasons, the most popular being:

      Speed—airless spraying is faster, thus, more jobs can be completed in less time, using less labor. Airless spraying is up to 10 times faster than brushing or rolling.

      Quality—airless sprayers produce an even coat of paint on all types of surfaces, leaving a consistent and high quality finish.

      Versatility—airless sprayers can be used for a wide range of coating materials, including interior and exterior jobs, and can easily be transported from job site to job site.

      How Does Airless Spray Work?

      In airless roof spray painting, the fast moving high-pressure liquid stream provides the energy necessary to overcome the fluid’s viscosity (resistance to flow) and surface tension (a force that bonds the surface of a liquid together) to form a fine spray.

      In the depiction of spray from a gun, high pressure forces fluid through a small nozzle (spray tip). The fluid emerges as a solid stream (sheet) at a high speed. When the solid stream hits the air, it becomes disrupted. This disruption breaks the fluid into fragments initially,

      then ultimately very small droplets that form the spray pattern.

      Airless roof spray painting for Uniform Coverage

      It is important to consider how much faster airless roof spray painting is compared to other methods. Equally important to your customer is how spraying gives a consistent quality finish, even over rough surfaces.

      Airless spraying allows you to:

      Finish jobs quicker – Finish within short weather windows – Stay on a job site from start to finish – saving set-up labour.

      Provide a consistent mil build so coatings perform better

      Apply a smooth quality finish

      How to choice the WATERPROOFING SPRAYERS?

      Not all theairless spraying machinewill be available to handle this waterproofing paint, and below is our recommendation for spraying the waterproofing paint because it’s very thick and high viscosity,

      Dino-power’swaterproofing sprayer machinespray a broad range of materials to prevent moisture from penetrating residential foundations and concrete structures. From high-performance and versatility in a single package or turnkey systems for high volume applications, we have a sprayer to meet your needs.


      For the contractor looking for portability, DP buildswaterproof sprayers提供方便的便携式机器,but with the power of a stationary system.
      For the high volume, industrial contractor, we provide innovative, polyurea waterproofing options designed to improve your bottom line. Power options cover the gamut: gas, electric, gas hydraulic, air-driven, and diesel.


      With waterproofing projects, you’re typically working in a wide range of environments and conditions. You might have power or it may not be the right voltage. The good news is there’s a DP waterproofing sprayer designed to operate in any environment. Choose from multiple power options: gas or diesel engines, electric, gas hydraulic, or air driven.


      Some materials are seemingly impossible to spray, but with DPwaterproofing sprayers, you’ve got high pressure and the power to spray even the most viscous waterproof coatings.


      Built-in versatility gives you the option to achieve high flow rates for applying heavy coverage whenever it’s needed. With this capability, your productivity will soar on large, heavy-duty jobs.

      This is the decorating in the 21st century!!!

      5/5 - (1 vote)

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      1. Tendai Mangani
        2016/08/17 at 03:29:57

        Need to purchase the airless spray machine,and wanted to know how much that will cost me.
        I also wanted to ask if the airless machine can use both bituminous aluminum paints and water based paints ?
        How many liters of paint does it take as well as how can you apply per square meter.
        Beside being effective and easy to use ,Is it economic to use the machine than the roller brush?

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