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Guide to Insulation: Spray Foam

      Made from polyurethane, this product reduces air leakage better than any other type of insulation. It fills the nooks and crannies of unusually shaped building cavities easily.

      There are two main types of spray , which has a density of about 1⁄2 lb. per cu. ft.; , which has a density of about 2 lb. per cu. ft. The higher the density of the foam, the greater the R-value per inch.

      The two ingredients used to make spray foam—conventionally called the “A” and “B” components—are mixed on site using special equipment mounted in a trailer or truck. Heated hoses convey the chemicals to a mixing gun that sprays the chemicals on the surfaces to be insulated. An exothermic chemical reaction begins as soon as the chemicals are mixed; the liquid mixture foams, expands, and eventually hardens.

      open-cell foam

      open-cell foam

      开孔泡沫的低密度使它relatively vapor permeable (a 3-in.-thick layer of open-cell foam has a permeance of 16), so when it’s used to create an unvented conditioned attic in a cold climate, the interior face of the foam should be covered with a vapor retarder. This can be accomplished by spraying the cured foam with vapor-retarding paint.

      Open-cell foams use water or carbon dioxide as the blowing agent. Some open-cell foams are made in part from bio-based raw materials—for example, soybean oils—in place of a portion of the petrochemicals. Like closed-cell foam, open-cell foam creates an effective air barrier.

      Unlike closed-cell foam, however, open-cell foam absorbs and holds water, has a lower R-value per inch, and is vapor permeable. The permeable nature of open-cell foam can be a virtue or a drawback, depending on the application.

      close-cell foam

      close-cell foam

      Closed-cell spray foam is the most expensive residential insulation. When installed well, however, it performs better than any other insulation. It is an excellent air barrier, is impervious to moisture, and is an effective vapor retarder. Because of its density and gluelike tenacity, it also adds structural strength to a wall, ceiling, or roof assembly. To seal air leaks in retrofit applications as well as new construction—for example, at rim joists or the attic side of partition top plates—closed-cell spray foam is an extremely useful material.

      Many green builders avoid the use of closed-cell spray foam because the blowing agents in most types ofclosed-cell spray polyurethane foamare hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) with a high global-warming potential.

      Below DP-FA50 ismachine for open-foam / cell-foam spraying.

      machine with heating system, max. 80 C degree heating temperature. mixing raito: 1:1 or 1:2 (optional)

      DP-FA50 polyurethane foam sprayer insulation sprayer

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