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Why you need a dustless drywall sander?

      DP-2000 dustlessdrywall sanderwith LED

      If you need to keep your home or work area free of drywall dust during a remodel or building project, then dustlessdrywall sandingwill be a big consideration for you to have in your tool chest.

      The fact is, you can really speed up your clean-up time when reducing dust, such as with a dustlessdrywall sandingmachine.

      Aside from time saved, there’s something that just makes you happier not having everything around your new walls coated in dust, including your own body and lungs!

      When you’re working with gypsum, dust is inevitable.

      Use aDustless Drywall Sanding kitwill be the best solution! All the DP sander are dustless, and you can choice the build-in Vaccum system or a separately vaccum cleaner for better dust removal effect.

      Dustless Sander

      Hands down, the most effective way to keep dust from going everywhere is to capture it first.

      Adustless sanderis an absolute must-have for a clean, dust-free environment when sanding. The model DP-3000 is one of the best selling models from it’s range, with build in dust collection bag, which you don’t need a extra vaccum cleaner, with the foldable design and standard carry bag, it’s very portable and saves storage space.

      DP-3000F foldable design

      This type of sander basically operates like any other sanding tool you’re already using, except that it attaches to a vacuum.

      The vacuum’s suction pulls in the dust as it forms. This keeps it (just about all of it) from spreading in the air and/or dropping to the floor.

      Better models for dustless sanding go one step further and filter the dust into a bucket you fill with water first.

      dp - 506真空吸尘器结合干沙子er for construction work

      That means the dust never has chance to enter your vacuum and potentially clog up your filter.

      A wet filtering mechanism like this also just makes cleaning up easier, since you don’t have to accumulate a bunch of powder and try to empty it out later.

      The DP-506 is the vaccum is a 38L cleaner with water filter system Specially designed for jobsite with lots of dust, such as wall sander. The dust will be filtered by HEPA filter firstly, and then the small fine grains will filtered by water throughly.

      quick change to the triangle pad for easy sanding the edge.

      You just pour out some thin sludge when the bucket gets full

      As with any power tool or device, the market is filled with a variety of options. You most likely just need something that is middle-of-the-road cost and quality wise – but, does the job effectively, making your job and life way easier.

      Drywall SandingTips

      When you purchase this item, first check that all the parts came in the box. If there are any problems, contact the distributor

      the speed regulator fordrywall sander

      They are really helpful and stand by their life-time warranty on their dust-free sanding products.

      Use Patience

      With any mechanical tool, this one will take some getting used to for no-dust sanding. Don’t be in a hurry at first (you’ll end up saving lots of time in the long run anyway!).

      Just take your time to get used to the feel of holding it and working with the suction across your walls.

      Don’t Rush

      Ultra bright LED illuminating sytem

      Pace yourself as you work. Using a dustlessdrywall sandingtool can become tiring.

      Just take frequent breaks for larger jobs and remind yourself that this is still a lot less work than hand sanding AND having to clean up dust afterwards!

      Adjust Pressure as Needed

      One of the key complaints with this tool is that the suction is too hard and the sander sticks to the wall.

      Suction adjustable to the comfortable level.

      Be sure to use the pressure control valve on the unit to reduce suction to a comfortable level.

      DP-3000 simple spring design for effortless ceilings

      If you notice sanding sheets ripping or that you’re working hard to pull it along the wall, then reduce the sucking pressure.

      Read Instructions

      Take the time to read through the directions carefully. It’s not rocket science, but even just a glance at the instructions can help save you time and frustration in your sanding efforts.

      Protect Your Ears

      Wear ear plugs when dustlessdrywall sanding! The noise from the vacuum and the sander can get really loud. If you hear an exceptionally noisy squeal or whistle from the sanding unit, reposition or tighten the hose and sanding seals to minimize.

      Thedustless sandertool will make clean-up easy, but the quality of your actual sanding depends on other factors such as how well you did your drywall mudding.

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