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Which kind of coating types are required using the plural-component application?

      可以制定以下三种涂层d as 100% SBV coatings with little or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Each of the three coatings types can be applied .

      1. :A two-component material that mixes a base (resin or epoxy) with an activator (catalyst, hardener, or converter).
      2. : A two-component, fast set coating formed by reacting (or mixing)an isocyanate with a polyol resin.
      3. : A two-component fast-set coating that is formed by reacting an isocyanate with an amine resin.

      Environmental Conditions andHigh-Solids Coatings Application


      Generally speaking, the applicator who applies high-SBV coatings must know the minimum and maximum application temperature and humidity recommended by the manufacturer of the specific coating. Proper material storage temperatures, ambient and substrate temperatures,

      and humidity are essential for good film formation and coating cure. can be formulated for low-temperature applications and can be tolerant of higher humidity; however, applicators must still strictly follow good painting practice.

      The dew point must be 5 degrees F above the substrate temperature and stable or ascending, and the substrate must be dry when the coating is applied

      and through initial cure.

      一般来说,环氧树脂需要类似的environmental conditions. In the case of amine-cured epoxy, the conditions of high humidity and low temperature can cause amine exudates, commonly known as amine blush, to form on the surface of the coating. If it is not removed, amine blush will interfere with the adhesion of subsequently applied coatings.

      Temperatures outside the range recommended by the coating manufacturer can also hinder good film formation for all three types of coatings. Adequate ventilation during coating application and through final cure must be in place to assure proper film formation of high-SBV coatings throughout the tank. sprayer

      Some clients request 3-component pump which the 3rd one is flushing pump for cleaning thespray gun/ fluid passing way.

      we could attach one small15:1 air assisted airless pump sprayeronto the current 2 component pump for cleaning.

      so if you need any request, or need any modification, just feel free to let us know.

      our engineer will modify it based on your requirement

      Surface Preparation

      The service life of a coating system depends on the degree and quality of the surface preparation specified and achieved before coating application. Because 100% SBV coatings are formulated to contain no solvent, their ability to wet out the substrate can be diminished significantly. For steel substrates, coating manufacturers typically recommend a more aggressive three- to fourmil (75- to 100-micron) angular anchor profile for single-coat applications. For concrete substrates, a concrete surface profile (CSP) range of CSP3 to CSP5 (per ICRI Technical Guideline No. 03732) is typically recommended when utilizing 100% SBV coatings for singlecoat applications.4 Surface contamination, such as spent abrasive particulate matter or “backside contamination”(generated from contaminants in the metallic abrasive), however slight, will affect the adhesion of 100% SBV coatings.5 Airborne particulate matter or statically charged ultra-fine particles may impede the process of effectively blowing down the substrate with clean and dry compressed air

      before coating application. Therefore, vacuuming the substrate may become the only option to achieve a clean and contaminant-free surface.

      One possible alternative to the daily cycle of blasting and painting is the use of dehumidification equipment during interior work. Ambient temperatures can be raised or lowered, depending on

      the particular need at the time, and the humidity can be lowered. The applicator can then perform surface preparation for a few days longer, spend adequate time to clean the substrate, and let airborne contaminants settle out, thus reducing the risk of poor coating adhesion.

      DP-HXP26/28/30 hydraulic-driven polyurea sprayer equipment


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      Which kind of coating types are required using the plural-component application?

      可以制定以下三种涂层d as 100% SBV coatings with little or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Each of the three coatings types can be applied using plural-component painting equipment. Epoxy: A two-component m...
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