what is the recommended application for DP-6512&DP-9CT2?

      The main recommended applications of the DP-6512/DP-9CT2 will be ; injector

      1. Polyurethane Resin ;

      • Non-foaming even in contact with water and will not absorb water
      • Penetrates cracks wider than 0.25 mm
      • 显示出良好的对湿基质的粘附
      • 快速反应甚至水下
      • 耐火
      • 不需要事先搅动组件
      • Low odour
      • 环保
      • User friendly


      • 地雷和隧道中的地层整合
      • 稳定软岩层
      • 断裂岩,沙子和砾石的合并
      • 与其他水停止的水停止了PU和丙烯酸
      • Rock bolting applications
      • 维修水下建筑
      • 修理混凝土裂缝

      2.Epoxy Resin

      Key benefits of the epoxy Resin?

      • 高度灵活> 100%伸长率
      • 低粘度
      • 与潮湿基板的键
      • 良好的锅寿命
      • Can be filled if required

      Typical Applications of the epoxy resin;

      • Hydro-electric plants
      • 循环水隧道
      • 废水和下水道
      • 注入移动裂缝
      • 柔性地板接头

      DP-6512/DP-9CT2是高压,中型无空泵,固定比率为 。它用于建筑业和采矿行业injection of polyurethane or epoxy injection resins。它很健壮,可以轻松地将其推向任何站点。DP-6512/DP-9CT2将冲洗泵和冲洗泵进料管结合到混合头,以便在注射序列中的断裂之间快速有效清洁混合头。


      Specific requirements for using the pump depend largely on the type of material being injected and the application. Please consult your localdpairless代表了解更多信息。始终确保使用后彻底清洁泵。



      1. Place the intake hoses into a container of Polyurethane Resin Cleaner with the injection hose valve open and pointing into the cleaner to re-circulate the material.
      2. Run the pump under low pressure until the cleaner flows through the injection hose. Continue this for about 1 minute.
      3. 关闭注入软管阀和运行泵的联合国der low pressure until lock off. This will ensure that the cleaner is forced into all parts of the pump, in particular the pressure gauges, if fitted.
      4. 关闭空气供应,并通过流血线释放任何积累的压力。然后小心打开注入软管阀以释放压力。

      Repeat steps 3 and 4 several times until satisfied that the injection material has been purged. Repeat step 1 to clear the pump of the Polyurethane Resin Cleaner and then using fresh cleaner repeat steps 2 to 5 to purge the pump of contaminated cleaner as many times as necessary.


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